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Industry Research

Membership benefits

GBTA Members have access to the world’s largest collection of business travel research and information. Industry Webinars Members have free access to 80 new and industry webinars per year. Webinars consist of regularly scheduled interactive sessions with respected industry leaders…

Public Sector Workshop 13 June 2019

GBTA Southern Africa hosted the Public Sector Workshop at the CSIR in Pretoria on the 13 June 2019. The event was well attended with over 110 attendees from all sectors of the Travel Industry. The mission of the GBTA Southern…

Vendor Management

Workshop with PechaKucha

Unfortunately, vendor management isn’t well understood or widely implemented and there are multiple advantages you will receive from good supplier relationship management. This workshop will discuss the reasons why vendor management should be a top priority in your organisation. Join GBTA…

Business traveller and technology

Technology and traveller behaviour

GBTA has released a webinar which discusses how technology impacts business traveller behaviour and safety.  Join GBTA today and login in to our member only zone to watch this webinar. Corporate travel is an ever-changing environment, with travel managers’ relying…

Communicate Connect Collaborate

Connect | Communicate | Collaborate

At the GBTA Southern Africa Conference 2018 the Board declared their commitment to connect, communicate and collaborate with the travel industry professionals. The 3 C’s of success “Teamwork is the ability to work toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual…

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