Healthcare Insecurity: A Global Growth Impediment

2 August 2016 GBTA Webinar

Presenter: Dr. Margaret-Mary G. Wilson MD, MRCP, MBA

Chief Medical Officer & Senior Vice President, UnitedHealthcare Group

Globalization is unstoppable. Business leaders know that to keep pace, they will send a greater portion of their workforce abroad in the coming years, bringing management challenges along with business opportunity. Many travelers remain uneasy about the globalhealthcare landscape, and the options available to them abroad, and many companies do not adequately address the health and safety risks associated with foreign travel. This leads to reactionary health care decision-making that typically results in higher, unnecessary costs.

 At the end of the session, participants should be able to:

    • Understand the idea of healthcare insecurity with real-world examples.

    • Understand how healthcare insecurity can increase risk and lead to suboptimal
decision making in your organization.

    • Understand how to reduce healthcare insecurity with proper education and data
based decision-making.

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