Protecting employees in the face of emerging travel risks

When: Tuesday, November 1st 2:00pm ET I 60 minutes  (or watch at your convenience the next day)

Presenter: Jim Hutton, Chief Security Officer, On Call International

When it comes to travel safety and security, risks like natural disasters, geopolitical turmoil, terror incidents or pandemic health threats usually come to mind – indeed, based on experience and 24­-hour news reporting, this makes perfect sense. However, despite the substantial weight these occurrences carry, there are far less dramatic, but more frequent issues and risky employee behaviors that can also impact traveler safety and hold vast implications for their organizations– especially now that these risky decisions can easily be made from a smartphone or even an Uber car. These current cultural and business realities are a cause for concern for employers, as they not only pose substantial risks to their employees, but also could lead to lawsuits that threaten their company’s bottom line and reputation. In this session, we uncover emerging business travel risks and how your organization can not only help protect your employees from themselves, but also prevent these risks from harming your business. Attend this session if you are a mid-market sized company with international and domestic business travellers.

At the end of the session, participants should be able to:

    • Understand the types of risky behaviors your employees engage in when traveling
on business and how these behaviors could negatively impact your organization.

    • Determine how the proliferation of mobile devices affects business traveler behavior
and what your company can do to curb the risks as it adapts to new technologies.

    • Identify how the “Sharing Economy” is poised to affect business travelers as well as
how your organization should adapt its travel policies. 

    • Implement proven resolutions to mitigate emerging travel risks and adapt company
policies and travel risk management initiatives accordingly.


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