Unpacking ‘Duty of Care’ at Buyers’ only Workshop Luncheon

Following on our successful workshop in March we will be unpacking ‘Duty of Care’ in much further detail at our Buyers’ only workshop and luncheon. Delegates can walk away armed with practical examples to incorporate and implement in their travel programs.

Topics include:
What are the areas of risk and the gaps that need to be focused on?
What roles should each of the parties should be playing – Buyer, TMC, 3rd party provider, supplier – where does the responsibility stop/start for each?

Click here to see the Agenda

“Technological innovation has given business travelers greater control of their own travel, but that doesn’t need to mean trouble for a managed travel program,” said Michael W. McCormick, GBTA Executive Director and COO. “Travel buyers can recommend apps for their travelers to help drive compliance and can also take advantage of technology to track and more easily assist their travelers in case of an emergency, helping fulfill their duty of care requirements.”

“It’s no surprise that travel professionals find medical and security services most important, when you consider the world we live in today,” said Robert Gallagher, COO of AIG Travel. “However, when it comes to duty of care, these services are not enough. Employees need thorough preparation through education, training and the routine sharing of relevant and real-time information, especially for those who travel to high-risk areas.”



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