We are not alone – Global pandemic

19 March 2020 – GBTA Southern Africa Statement

The unthinkable has happened and only time will tell if the global community’s approach has been effective, but we don’t need time to tell us if the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality industries will be impacted.  This unprecedented global pandemic has changed our lives and our businesses but not our spirit.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Global Business Travel Association Southern Africa (GBTA SA) our thoughts are with each of you at this time.  The industry within which we serve is in severe distress, but we have to face the fact that we are not alone, every industry is in some anguish.

“There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but the way out is through.” — David Allen


There have been significant updates on a daily basis from our supplier partners and we trust that your travellers are safe and accounted for.  Perhaps the one gift we have been granted is time and whilst it won’t pay the bills, we are hoping that it provides a space in your lives for reflection.  On a personal level some things may have changed, whether it’s working from home, a reduction in workdays or a pay-cut but the change has extended to the roles we fulfil.  The way we have managed travel in the past may be very different going forward.  We can only urge that you take this time to consider the efficiencies of your processes, spend the time upskilling yourselves and your teams and most importantly your service level documents and performance contracts with your partners will need a keen eye to review.

We read that the planet is recovering and that is heartening, but our focus here at the GBTA Southern Africa is to ensure that this industry also recovers and emerges stronger and more equipped than ever before.  The time is now to look forward and prepare our travel programs for the future. 

Our thoughts are with the health workers, the patients, those in isolation and most importantly with you.  Stay safe, please do the responsible thing and we are here to assist if you are in need.

Here’s to flattening the curve!

Written by Robyn Christie – Director GBTA SA