Managing a prolonged crisis 2020 and beyond

Managing a prolonged crisis 2020 and beyond is an in depth look at COVID 19 and the uncertain times. How we cope with the “new normal’ and providing emotional support to our colleagues, work force and our clients. There is a future beyond COVID 19 and we need to plan the road to recovery.

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The travel industry has been severely affected by flight cancellations and restricted movements with countries closing borders and a international lock down within many countries borders. The stress and uncertainty during this trying time is a challenge.

The entire planet has been affected and in the midst of all the doom and gloom and tragedy of the COVID-19 outbreak, there could be one ray of light. The large swathes of lockdowns across the planet has led to a decrease in carbon emissions which will ultimately benefit the planet.

Don’t waste time and resources.

Distractions are often enticing and will come in all shapes and forms.  Train yourself to avoid them even though it may be tempting to carry on working in a more comfortable room.

Set yourself daily goals and know when you’ve completed them all that it is time to quit.  You need to set boundaries between work and personal time.

Create your office space separate from the rest of your home otherwise you will always feel like you are at work. You can use a screen to block your office from the rest of the house.  If you can’t do that then at the end of your work day step away from where you have been working and don’t look back.

Don’t forget to set up face to face contact.  You need to communicate to keep your social skills sharp.

You don’t have to work your normal schedule. Enjoy the flexibility of working from home.  Experience the perks of working from home.  Sit in the sun and  appreciate your garden for a few minutes.  As long as you achieve your goals every day then reward yourself and give yourself the freedom to flourish within your new schedule.

Don’t let family and friends take advantage of the fact that you work from home if this causes you to be distracted from your worki goals.  Set the boundaries early on.

If you need to dress for work.  Some people can work in their pajamas all day but others feel the necessity of the routine of getting up, showering, dressing and ‘going’ to the office.

Keep your data safe and secure. Protect and back up your data.  Encrypt your data if you are handling sensitive client information.

Make sure you have the equipment you need. Keep you hardware running smoothly and keep things on hand to make sure you get the job done efficiently.