International SOS and GBTA Southern Africa hosted a joint panel discussion where post-covid-19: Rethinking the safety of the business traveller was unpacked.  We were joined by more than 170 delegates from 26 countries.  The webinar was recorded and will be available from 24 June 2020.  GBTA Southern Africa is currently hosting weekly conversations that count for the travel industry and we have covered a number of interesting topics over the past 6 weeks and will continue to host these important sessions.

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The topic was:  Many African countries are seeing their governments starting to ease the COVID-19 prevention measures. As economic activities are slowly ramping up, domestic air travel is resuming, and some countries are considering re-opening of international borders.

The above perspective is bringing up questions around domestic and international travel.

  • What must the employer do to ensure safety of business travellers?
  • What routes will be re-established first? Will airlines implement security screenings?
  • When should organisations start sending employees and assignees overseas?
  • The uncertainties of another outbreak and the fear of getting stuck in another country!

Health expert Jeanine de Villiers the Deputy Medical Director Assistance Centre, International SOS and aviation security expert Hany Bakr the Security Director, Aviation & Maritime – EMEA, MedAire, an International SOS company from International SOS joined GBTA Southern Africa’s board member Robyn Christie where they considered what business travel will look like when travel resumes. We also held 6 interesting polls and you will be able to view the result when you view the webinar.