GBTA SA supporting travel and tourism

Travel and tourism in South Africa has been thrown into crisis by the COVID-19 pandemic, putting thousands of businesses and jobs at risk. August 2020 brings the recovery plan for generating travel and tourists to our beautiful country with it’s diverse and warm people.

What are the Keys to growing value in tourist expenditure? How do we as South Africans surpass in a market where every destination will be chasing recovery?

Re-igniting demand requires a robust domestic marketing strategy, the agility to respond decisively through an uncertain global re-opening phase and responsiveness to changes in consumer preference that require a focus on intrepid, experiential traveller segments. Corporate domestic travel can be expected to revive relatively early.

Traveller safety remains the most important factor . More than half (55%) of business travellers expressed that health screenings at public venues would have an extremely positive impact on their willingness to visit (compared to 42% for leisure travellers). More than half of travellers would be open to participating in medical screenings (temperature check and/or swab test) upon entering a hotel or casino, but a sizable minority would refuse or seek other locations (Engagious, 2020).

Travel and tourism revival in South Africa is critical, not just because of the jobs that it supports, but because, in its resilience and its ability to rebound quickly, tourism can be a catalyst for a broader economic recovery.

The Department of Tourism has released a Tourism Recovery plan and welcomes your valued input until 15 August 2020.