Travel Radar- Travel app

Conversations that count have become a weekly event for members and loyal delegates since the beginning of May 2020. This week Nikunj Agrawal introduces his latest development: Travel Radar. Development started in India when travel stopped world wide and Nikunj and his team wanted to assist travellers with a platform that could find relevant travel related data when travel resumed.

The conversations that count occur every Wednesday between 10h00 and 11h00. This week we were able to record the session and this is available should you wish to view it. Please contact Nicky to get access to the video.

This week we had the pleasure of having one of our conversations that count with Nikunj Agrawal who is the CEO of Zenmer.

The role of the Travel booker has changed and they have to be the trusted source and have to ensure that travel is better for their traveller.

Duty of care is extremely important and information regarding the restrictions in different locations in the world needs to me up to date and accessible immediately. Travel Radar was developed to aid the TMC and traveller to be able to view the restrictions applicable at all destinations in the world. The information is gathered from reliable sources such as each country’s embassy and the United Nations. The information is updated on a daily basis.

Travel Radar start screen
Travel Radar information

All the information relevant to the country is visible on one page. Should you wish to contact Nikunj, please contact Robyn Christie.