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As a member you have free access to
GBTA webinars, regular interactive sessions with respected industry leaders on a wide spectrum of specific business travel industry topics. Past webinars have included discussions about ancillary airline fees, use of mobile computing as a business travel management tool, and the GBTA Business Travel Outlook.

Use resources from GBTA to connect with an unprecedented network of other business travel professionals from round the world. Find subject matter experts within the business travel industry, either from your desktop on or in person at one of GBTA’s many events throughout the year.

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28 RFP Templates and Guides
300 Webinars to watch

GBTA networking resources include:
Member Directory: Find and connect with fellow GBTA members who are experts in specific areas of business travel. GBTA offers the largest and most extensive business travel network in the world.

GBTA Events: Obtain discounts to attend world-class local, regional, and international business travel events from GBTA Buyer members attend events for free and conference at a discounted rates. Members also receive a discounted rate for GBTA training courses.

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Online Collaboration: GBTA Hub, your global networking headquarters, is an online member collaboration platform, which allows members to connect to the people, resources, information, and discussions that are important to them. As a GBTA member, you are able to create an industry profile, highlight areas of expertise, take advantage of a member-matching engine to find other members with similar interests, join and participate in different groups and discussions based on those interests, and access and share content and resources — all in one place.

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Annual membership fees: R 3000.00