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14 October

07h30 – 09h15 Breakfast, Travel Expo and Networking
09h15 – 09h30 Opening and Welcome
09h30 – 10h15 How the Corporate payments revolution is transforming travel programs

Virtual, mobile and “invisible” technologies are opening up previously unimaginable opportunities for improved travel manager data and control yet also a radically improved traveller experience. How will your travel program change and improve as a result?

Kevin Lomax – Diners Club International
Tshipi Alexander
– Nedbank Corporate Card
Virginia Miller 
– MasterCard
Riaan van Niekerk
Moderator – Roderick Ross

10h15 – 10h55 Round up of the Public Sector Travel Management News

How will all the recent changes in the National Treasury Travel Framework impact your travel program?  This session will give travel agents, travel buyers and suppliers an opportunity to better understand the impact and what to expect in 2017.

Johanna Mukoki – Travel With Flair
Yolande Bouwer
– Agentivity
Sizwe Jantjie
– Tsogo Sun
Nancy Letlape
– National Treasury
Maureen Masuku
Moderator – Marcelle Ross

10h55 – 11h15 The growing role of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality in travel

Travel is a deeply experiential activity, dominated by service and “the personal touch”. On the extreme opposite of the spectrum, it is hard to imagine anything more inhumane than war… and that is where our story begins.

The journey will take us from the origins of Artificial Intelligence through to today’s world where your trip can be planned by an A.I. and where a driver-less car could pick you up at home, a pilot-less plane could fly you to your destination, a robotic concierge could greet you at your hotel and a chatbot could assist you en-route with a variety of services. Overlaid on this is the world of virtual and augmented reality and holo-portation. The future is certainly not what it used to be!

Why is all this significant? AI has the potential to be the most disruptive technology the travel industry has seen since the advent of the internet. Join this fascinating session and learn more about these disruptive technologies and how they will be impacting your travel program.

Dr. Roderick Ross – Ross Consulting

11h15 – 12h00 Networking and Travel Expo
12h00 – 12h45 Travel Technology

This session will focus on the role technology is playing to enhance and optimize not only the corporate travel booker but how travel agents are using travel technology far beyond the traditional GDS. We will also talk to frequent travelers who share their views on OBT’s like, agoda, gotogate and budgettravel versus traditional TMC’s. Travel technology is touching every sector of the industry, this session promises to enlighten!

Richard Addey – Sabre
Robyn Christie
– Travelport
Andy Hedley
– Amadeus
Kovilan Naidoo
– Cummins
Moderator – Paul Tilstone

12h45 – 13h05 3rd Party services – who can you trust?

This session will look at 3rd party services like Travel Insurance and Visas that are purchased by Travel Buyers and the mistrust and confusion surrounding them.

The FSB has placed the industry under scrutiny, find out what’s happening in this space to ensure you are abreast of the latest developments.

Jason Veitch – TIC
Uriah Jansen – Oojah Travel Protection
Nicole Fonzari – Cummins
Moderator – Natalia Rosa

13h05 – 13h45 What does the future of car rental look like?

Join this session as we look at ‘Door to door itineraries’, Car rental insurance, keyless car rentals, Driver-less cars, the continuous ride and so forth. How will Uber4Business effect your travel program?

Marc Corcoran – President of SAVRALA
Dr. Roderick Ross –
Ross Consulting

13h45 – 15h00 Lunch and Travel Exp and  Networking
15h00 – 15h40 Hospitality of the future – The impact of consolidation, distribution and personalisation

Is the pace of development exceeding demand? Global and local Hotel Group mergers have led to multi-brand multi-operator groups. How will this impact your travel program? Corporate Travellers are also looking for a more individualized experience. This session will look at what hotel groups are doing to stand out and what travel buyers should be considering during their negotiations. This session will also look at how location based Augumented Reality is giving travellers real-time information to make buying decisions easier.

Brendon Hart  – Marriot
Sebastien Carre – Four Seasons
Thabani Ndlovu – Hilton
Richard Melvin – bizAR Reality
Moderator – Paul Tilstone

15h40 – 16h00 Emerging payments and travel

An industry expert will look at emerging payments, blockchain and the impact on the travel experience. Join this session to gain insights from an industry expert.

Wendy Pienaar – Standard Bank

16h00 – 16h30 30 Networking break
16h30 – 17h10 Economist – Dr. Roelof Botha

Dr Roelof Botha is a regular commentator and columnist on topical macroeconomic issues including forecasting of key economic indicators. He has authored more than 500 articles, books and research publications. During this session, Dr Botha will captivate the audience with his unique style of blending the serious matters of economics and politics with the lighter side of life.

Dr. Roelof Botha

17h10 – 17h55 A view from the top – what does 2017 hold?

Airline Executives share their views on the 2016 landscape and what lies ahead in 2017.
Join this session and ask Erik Venter and other airline executives all the hard hitting questions you need answered!

Erik Venter – Comair
Dr. Andre Schulz – Lufthansa
Nico Bezuidenhout – fastjet
Moderator – Paul Tilstone

17h55 – 18h00 Recap Day 1
18h00 – 19h00 Wine Tasting with Diners Club International and Refresher break
19h00 – 23h00 Gala Awards Dinner and Charity Auction












15 October

07h30 – 09h20 Breakfast, Travel Expo & Networking
09h20 – 09h30 Welcome and reflections on Day 1
09h30 – 10h15 ‘After tomorrow’

Hear from the head of Sabre Innovation and Tech Evangelist EMEA on the power of technology affecting our lives.

Joakim Everstin – Sabre

10h15 – 10h50 Corporate sustainability strategies and travel suppliers

Should Travel Buyers seek-out hotels that share their corporate sustainability objectives or vision? Should Travel Buyers be making greater inroads into the establishment of a more sustainable travel culture in SA? Where can you get the latest guidance on reducing emissions in travel and meetings programs?

This session will unpack the global trends and need for travel buyers to demand sustainability from travel suppliers.

Catherine McGavock – GBTA
Greg McManus – Heritage Environmental Management Company
Moderator – Paul Tilstone

10h50 – 11h10 NDC updates: Collaborating for a better future

Dusan Kostic is the Regional Director for IATA ME and Africa. Join this session to hear more about global airline spend and an update on the IATA NDC project.

Dusan Kostic – IATA

11h10 – 11h50 Networking & Travel Expo
11h50 – 12h05 Travel Buyer reflections on 2016

Travel Buyer Award finalists
Interviewer- Now Media

12h05 – 12h45 Duty of Care: Why should you care?

A nonchalant attitude toward local safety threats could land travel Buyers and their TMCs in hot water. Recent events, such as the unrest in Tshwane and the US terror alert issued in South Africa due to terrorist groups allegedly planning to carry out attacks in places where US citizens congregate, have highlighted the issue.

Our panel of experts will discuss best practices and future solutions available to address the Duty of Care component of your travel program. Attend this session to ensure you can develop a comprehensive travel policy and avoid the legal pitfalls when a breach of duty of care occurs.

Adv. Louis Nel
Marco dos Santos
– Massmart
Richard Addey
– Sabre
Howard Stephens
Frank Palapies
– Wings Travel Mangement
Moderator – Paul Tilstone

 12h45 – 13h25 “Perspectives from a Horses Arse….”

This Keynote address is delivered by Paul Tilstone, twice listed as one of the world’s top 25 business travel industry influencers by the Business Travel News, USA and listed in the UK’s Buying Business Travel Hotlist.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to benefit from Paul’s global insights!

Paul Tilstone – Festive Road

13h25 – 13h30 Closing remarks
13h30 – 15h00 Lunch & Travel Exp